Eddy Azar is...

growth hacker | mosquito marksman | blockchain geek | copywriter | AARRR funnel analyst | café dweller | minimalist nomad | ETH fanatic

Lorenzo Pierucci - Taipei's Top Photographer

“I love the writing, Eddy. Clients come to my website, read My Process, & contact me. By the time I’m talking to them, they’re already sold.”

Andras Kristof - Blockchain Serial Entrepreneur

“Eddy is good at raising conversions. He can understand complex requirements and he can write the words. Give him control and he will turn visitors to customers.”

Sofia Cabo - Founder @ Ilumina Designs

“I like how you think…it’s creative & effective. The website you helped us make was just what Illumina needed.”

Chika Kapadia - Founder @ BaliTara

“Eddy Azar should write an article called ‘The Science of Advertising’ because never before has advertising, in all of its conventional forms, been transformed so drastically into a science. Eddy deciphers that science lucidly”

Abhishek George - Founder of Spiffy Dapper & FNB.com.sg

“Eddy knows how to bring in high quality leads. Period.”

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“A growth hacker is someone who has thrown out the playbook of traditional marketing and replaced it with only what is testable, trackable, and scalable.

Their tools are emails, pay-per-click ads, blogs, and platform APIs instead of commercials, publicity, and money. While their marketing brethren chase vague notions like ‘branding’ and ‘mind share,’ growth hackers relentlessly pursue users and growth – and when they do it right, these users beget more users, who beget more users. They are the inventors, operators, and mechanics of their own self-sustaining and self-propagating growth machine that can take a startup from nothing to something” – Ryan Holiday; author Growth Hacker Marketing; former Director of Marketing for American Apparel; Book Marketer for Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene, & Tucker Max; Media Manipulator