What is Bancor?

“Bancor is a paradigm shift. It provides convertibility and liquidity to complementary currencies without requiring any counterparty and its risks. Bancor is also a breakthrough that gives the means to eradicate poverty within one generation.” – Bernard Lietaer, co-creator of the €uro

Bancor is a blockchain protocol to enable the creation of a new type of cryptocurrency called smart tokens. Smart tokens are a form of money that can hold and transact money, able to be bought and sold without needing to find a counterparty.

This means that, much like youtube enabled the longtail of video, the long tail of cryptocurrencies with values based on everything from individuals to cities to kickstarter-style projects to profit-share farms to co-ownership of land to anything else you can think of can be fully liquid on the global financial system.

What I’ve Done:

The Bancor Token Generation Event

On June 12, 2017 the Bancor team (myself included) launched our BNT-distribution/crowdfunding campaign. We raised 396,720 ETH (~$153,000,000 USD at the time) in 2.5 hours.

Bancor TGE Results









My role in this and the months following was: