Bitcoins in Singapore

What is Bitcoins in Singapore?

Bitcoins in Singapore is a community of cryptocurrency entreprneurs, geeks, users, and interested folk in Singapore.

Singapore is one of the world’s hubs of Bitcoin & Blockchain entrepreneurship, with open-policy laws and a lot of investment money flying around.

What I’ve Done:

In Feb, 2016, I noticed that the existing Singapore Bitcoin meetup group was pretty dead. They hadn’t had a new event in 2 months, and before that one they hadn’t done anything for half a year.

So, I contacted the group’s organizers and told them I wanted to jump in and resurrect the group. Got no response for a week.

So I created my own.

A week later, our first meetup was a pretty huge success. From 0 members, we got 25 people to get together for hours to geek out about bitcoin over good food & beers (which were sold for bitcoin).

That got the old group’s notice.

David Moskowitz (a minor celebrity in the Bitcoin world, the founder of Coin Republic, and an organizer of the old BTC Singapore group) and I got in touch, and we decided to merge our two groups.

Just like that, the size of my tiny little Meetup went from around 30 to 700.

I’ve taken over as main organizer, and since done fortnightly Bitcoin hangouts everywhere from bitcoin accepting cafes to Microsoft Offices SG.