What is Bitnation?

Lets start at the moonshot goal. Its the easiest to state, though perhaps the hardest to digest.

Moonshot: In an ideal world, say 15 years from now, Bitnation will be the software upon which humanity founds a let-1000-nations-bloom movement, giving birth to a new “market of governance systems” in which anyone can choose the government(s) they want, and governments must compete for the best citizens.

From seastead & yacht based micronations in international waters; to special economic zones that function independently yet symbiotically with the countries that host them; to the nations of today taking full advantage of blockchain’s potential to create digital passports, self-enforcing legal contracts, the ability to hold public votes and political elections from smartphones while still ensuring that the results can’t be tampered, doctored, sybil-attacked, or even accidentally miscounted… for lower costs and higher security than their current systems.

Hell, if we achieve what we dream of achieving with this, even human colonies on other planets will be run on Bitnation tech.

Another way I love to put it is: Bitnation is to governments what Linux is to operating systems: The core technology on top of which you can build or run pretty much anything you want.

Where the variations built on Linux can be Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, or a cornucopia of other OS’s made by anyone who wants to make one… the variations to be built on Bitnation will be:

  • true direct democracies (everyone can vote on every issue)
  • theocracies for every religion you can think of
  • borderless nations that instead of land have embassies & buildings & partnerships with other entities all around the world that their citizens can take advantage of
  • Nomadic nations, travelling in groups of anything from RVs to boats to airplanes and maybe even a steampunk blimp or two
  • entirely online nations in which everyone can verify who they are and the quantifiable reputations they’ve gained in the nation, with the ability to hold huge sybil-&-bad-actor-resistant votes without ever revealing their real life identity (the whitepaper for that system is here… imagine the organization this could bring to groups like Anonymous)

And thats just stuff I could think of while writing this.

Again, we’re talking a cornucopia of nations made by anyone who wants to make one… hopefully leading to an explosion in the number of nations  that’s not dissimilar to the explosion blockchain has brought to the number of currencies.

I can promise at least one liquid-democratic meritocracy founded by yours truly.

What I’ve Done:


When I joined, we were about 2 weeks into a month long ICO, with 971 ETH raised. By the end, we’d reached TK ETH, more than doubling what we started with and breaking the $1m USD barrier.

Currently I’m growth hacking the launch of the 3rth phase of the ICO (a drip sell) set to launch on June 15 2018.


Well, I joined on Apr 12, 2018, just about half way through Bitnation’s Pangea ICO that has not been going well so far. As of the 15th, they’d raised nearly ~$500,000 with a $30m hardcap.

Why so low?

My opinion is that they unknowingly lined up quite a few obstacles for themselves.

Launching right into the pop of a bubble & wave of ICO-exhaustion, with a product that is trying to give birth to a new industry (the market of governance systems) within an already nascent industry (blockchain)… All with the grand goal of doing to the geopolitical ecosystem what blockchain is doing to the global financial ecosystem.

Under the best of circumstances it’s still a pretty tenacious thing to try and convince people you can do.

I mean, if you’ve ever given it a shot you know how hard it can be to overcome the scepticism when you first introduce someone to the idea behind blockchain & decentralized money… even with the whole world slowly beginning to take notice of how big it is.

In Bitnation’s case, they don’t even have the advantage of growing awareness. They’re trying to introduce a whole new layer of blockchain use-case, that wants to disrupt perhaps the most disruption-resistant institution ever, in a climate that approaches every idea with a scam-until-proven-innocent mentality.

So yeah, that’s all long way of saying that, with two world record breaking ICOs under my belt, I thought maybe I could pull off a minor miracle here and do something to cause a noticeable uptick Bitnation’s ICO within the two weeks between my hiring and its ending.

I don’t know if I can do it. I write this 6 days into the job, with an average of ~4:20 hours (yaah man) of sleep per day & another 7 days  days to go… this is by far the tightest timeline I’ve ever taken upon myself to execute, where being late even a day could mean the difference between my success and failure. And to be honest I’m behind schedule right now.

If I succeed, excellent. I’ll have done something worth remembering.

If not, this makes for a wonderful full-on crash course in what Bitnation is and how to growth hack it, which I plan on doing until the day where it no longer needs help growing.

Considering the scope of what we wanna grow it into, I’m hopefully looking forward to years of this.