LabsterWhat is Labster?

Labster is a virtual reality laboratory technology/video game used by universities to teach their students everything from Biotech to TK without the need to use delicate & expensive machinery or the long wait times that result from one lab and thousands of students.

They are currently being used by Harvard Medical School, MIT, The California State University, and others.

What I Did:

This project lasted for two weeks in June 2013.

One day in Bali, Michael Bodekaer asked 18 year old me how I thought we could bring Labster from push to pull marketing. In other words, how could we get the universities calling us and wanting to buy instead of the other way around?

I sat beside him, thought for a bit, and pitched him my idea.

Less than a week later, I was standing in front of more than half of Labster’s team, including it’s founder Dr. Mads Bonde, presenting my plan:

A freemium model of Labster’s Virtual  video game to spread to university students. They could unlock extra features & equipment by referring friends, and a referral of a professor was worth 100 students.

We kickstarted this with an announcement to bloggers, and got featured on TechCrunch.

I was given lead of the team for two weeks. By the end of our campaign, we’d achieved the goal: universities were calling us and asking us to demo Labster for them.