OneBit (TenX)

OneBit Alpha Funnel

What is OneBit?

So, if you don’t know about Bitcoin, humans have invented a type of money that is completely digital, completely trustworthy (well trustless, actually, because there is no trusting necessary), and isn’t in anyone’s control to change unless almost everyone agrees.

It’s perfect in theory.

But in reality, not many people are using it. Most think it’s dead or haven’t even heard of it.

We’re changing that.

Because, up till now, you have to find a cafe or shop or employee or whatever that accepts Bitcoin in order to actually buy something with it.

We’re building something that lets you spend it anywhere that you can spend with a Visa or MasterCard. Using your phone’s NFC chip, you literally just tap your phone on the payment terminal and the money is sent.

Suddenly, this relatively tiny currency is able to be used all over the world, at tens of thousand of locations in any modern city.

Suddenly, Bitcoin is global.

What I’ve Done:

I wrote the content on

I also helped raise the website’s average monthly visitors by 256% (from 1.5k to 3.83k/month), and onboard the first batch of official alpha users.

I re-launched the Ethereum Singapore meetup group, organizing the first few meetups of a few dozen people each and having them all sponsored by OneBit. This in large part is what lead to the influx of alpha users.