The Tinder Experiment

What is The Tinder Experiment?

The Tinder experiment was me applying growth hacking tactics to meet women on Tinder. I split tested different openers & tracked my success rate through the funnel from first message to repeat sexual encounters. It got to the top of the /r/dataisbeautiful subreddit (via my Reddit Growth Hacking tactics) and picked up by newspapers worldwide.

What I’ve Done:

Tinder Data 3 Weeks

I wrote the Growth Hacking Tinder: Analyzing Data to get DATAss [THE POST HAS GONE DOWN. COPIED ALL OF IT HERE] blog post on Valentine’s day, 2016. I used my reddit growth hack to share it.

It made it to the top of the day on /r/DataIsBeautiful (5,267,367 subscribers at the time), and got picked up by international media.

It also got me interviewed on the Mentor Me podcast (in Top 50 Most Influential New Business Podcasts of early 2016, listened to in >100 countries).